Practitioner Resources

Practice notes

The practice notes present practical tips for any organisation setting up beneficiary feedback mechanisms. They are intended to help you navigate the challenges and create a robust and user-friendly system.

The notes cover six areas of implementation:

  • Transparency and awareness raising
  • Inclusive and accessible feedback channels
  • Internal referral processes
  • External referral processes
  • Communicating a response to feedback
  • Resourcing for feedback systems

Download the practice notes (PDF)

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Mobile technology case study

This beneficiary feedback approach sought to build on and test examples of beneficiary feedback and communication that utilised increasingly widespread mobile technology.

It envisioned an SMS-based feedback system which would provide 24 hour access to a two-way feedback mechanism.

In the inception phase, based on the expectation that literacy would be a barrier to feedback, this approach was broadened to include registration of missed calls to the helpline number, which would then be called back by the project Community Feedback Officer.

A literature review prepared by SIMLab at the outset of the project outlines the examples of such feedback mechanisms, and their potential and likely challenges.

Download mobile case study (PDF)